fredag den 9. september 2016

Pineapple skirt pattern

The pattern is finally done, drawn up and tested, yay!


st: stitch
sc: single crochet
dc: double crochet
sl st: slip stitch
j: join with sl st
t: turn
ch: chain

Start: ch 8

Lining: ch 3, 7 dc, t

Every row counts 2 sts towards the lining, continue to work back and forth until you have the correct size for you. I have tried to guess the different sizes, but you should crochet to the size that fits you and go from there. It should be a multiple of 8 rows (16 sts)

XS: 48 rows (96 sts on the round)
S: 56 rows (112 sts on the round)
M: 64 rows (128 sts on the round) <-- if you are around my size, this will fit you (around 95 cm around the behind)
L: 80 rows (160 sts on the round)
XL: 96 rows (192 sts on the round)

crochet the strip together with sc, then -
ch 1, 2 sc over each dc (the side of it) on the row, j

From here, work the diagram from 1 - 28. Afterwards repeat the diagram from row 11. You will get the nices edge on the work if you end around row 19 (when it has the length you want) because this is where there is the most sts on the round.

Here are the videos I made for this pattern, including the lining. I hope it helps you. Feel free to ask questions if you need any help. Next week I will be making a video about reading a diagram.

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