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Knitted Phone Charger Station

Its pretty, its cozy, and its made of yarn. Those have to be my top 3 reasons for doing anything, and I hope they are some of yours too. This pattern is made to accommodate my new obsession with finding fury, digital monster out in the digital wild. It takes a lot of power to keep the screen on, but its not always practical to have the phone laying around on the floor where ever there is a socket available, which is why I often forget. With this charger station, I just plug in my phone when I get in the door, and it will be ready to go and find pokémon whenever I am ready to leave. The station is also great for a power bank, charging the battery for the camera and is generally a good place to store the phone in order to be able to find it. The pattern is here, and I also made a video where I go over the different parts of the pattern, in case some of it is strangely written or difficult. I hope you will write me if you find errors or have questions : )

CLICK HERE to get the diagram and cutout guide (will open an A4 black/white image in a new tab)

Needles: 3mm circular needles (US size 11) with a 50 cm (~ 19 inch) cord
Yarn: Cotton yarn for 3mm needles in marine blue

St/sts stitch/ stitches
CO: cast on
BO bind off
K (number): knit this number of stitches
P (number): purl this number of stitches
M (number): make this number of stitches

The pattern begins at the bottom with a two way cast on (worked on both needles) Feel free to swap this for a similar cast on, which leaves you with the required number of stitches on both sides.

Start: cast on 36 sts on both needles (this produces a round of 72 sts)

From here, work in a magic loop. Follow the diagram (front needle) until the end of row 36. Knit all stitches on the back needle.

Bind off all sts on the front needle. Continue to work back and forth on the back needle in stockinette (knit all on the right side, purl all on the wrong side) until row 47 is done.  

Row 48 (RS): k10, BO 17 sts, k9

Row 49 (WS): p10, M16, p10

Work in stockinette until row 61

Repeat row 48 and 49

Work in stockinette until row77, BO all sts

If the ribbing isn’t satisfactory, elastic thread can be sown into it on the wrong side.


cut a piece (I used two) of cardboard, following the guide on the printable sheet, or sketching one of your own. If you make your own, make sure its about 4 inches wide (or measure your piece) its better if its slightly smaller, than if its slightly bigger.

fold the top down, you should be looking at the purl side. Line up the holes and pin the fabric. sow down both sides(see the blue lines on the picture). Be aware that the flap is longer on the front - leave the overhang (it's 4 rows)

flip the right side out and insert the cardboard cutout. sow along the inside seam of the hole.

tuck the overhang into the phone pocket and sow the seam to the purl side of the back fabric.

You are done! Yay you! Now go get them all (I just hatched a pikachu by the way, I am in a good mood ^_^;;)

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